Women's Masters Basel 2024

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Women's Masters Basel 2023


Final game 2.30pm, 17th September

SUI Tirinzoni vs. SWE Hasselborg 9:2


Semifinals 11.15am, 17th September

SUI Tirinzoni vs. DEN Dupont  8:4

ITA Constantini vs. SWE Hasselborg 4:5


Quarterfinals 8am, 17th September

SUI Tirinzoni vs. NOR Rorvik 4:1

SWE Hasselborg vs. SWE Wrana 7:1

SUI Jäggi vs. ITA Constantini  3:6

CZE Kubeskova vs. DEN Dupont  5:7


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Congrats to the winning team, SUI Tirinzoni

Playoff Results

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Result Overview & Playoff Draw

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DSC Ranking

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Pictures/Photo Gallery:

Impressions (by Roland Beck)

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