System of Play

We play a triple-knock-out system with 24 teams. All 24 teams start in the A road, losses relegate the teams into the B and C roads consecutively. 3 losses eliminate a team completely from further competition. 3 qualifiers advance out of the A road, 3 qualifiers out of the C road and the 2 qualifiers come through the B road.


All games are 8 ends with an extra end if needed. In case of a blank in the extra end, the team without the hammer in that end automatically wins the game. Only the final is played with as many extra ends as needed to decide the winner.


Quarter-final losers are all ranked 5th with equal amount of prize money. Ranks 3 and 4 are not played out either. Both teams are ranked 3rd.


There is no time limit in the regular rounds, slow play is frowned upon and quicker play is imposed by tournament supervision. In the semi-final and final there is a time limit (thinking time: 30 minutes per team and 8 ends, one 60 seconds team time-out; extra end: 4 minutes 30 seconds, one 60 seconds team time-out). The travel time is 60 seconds. Teams without a coach or substitute are also entitled to the travel time.


In regular rounds of play, games can be conceded at any time. A minimum of 6 ends in semi-final and final have to be played.


The „thinking-time“ rule will be used for the semi-finals and the final.


Teams are fined CHF 5'000.- for any forfeit of the semi-final or final games.

Broom regulation

The Women's Masters Basel adheres as a CCT tournament to the current WCF rules.




In the regular rounds the hammer is decided by using the Last Stone Draw.

A practice stone may be played to the away end and the Last Stone Draw may be played to the home end. Distances are only used for the hammer, they are not officially measured. Therefore, teams are invited to measure themselves.


If neither team has a stone that finishes in the house, or both teams record the same distance, a coin toss decides which team has the choice of delivering the first or second stone in the first end. A coin toss decides which team has the choice of the colour or the right to play the Last Stone Draw as second team.

Throughout all playoff games the higher ranked qualified team retains the hammer. In case of equally ranked teams facing off, a Last Stone Draw determines the hammer in that playoff game, the other team has the choice of the colour.

Prize money

1st place: CHF 10'000.-

2nd place: CHF 7'000.-

3rd and 4th place: CHF 3'500.-

5th-8th place: CHF 1'500.-

Skins Game

On Saturday at 4pm there is a skins game for two of the three A road qualifiers. The two participating teams are decided by a DSC (the 4 stones will count) on Friday after the 8pm game. The money won in that game also counts for the Champions Tour ranking.

The better DSC determines the hammer or the choice of the colour.

Skin 1: CHF 100.-

Skin 2: CHF 200.-

Skin 3: CHF 300.-

Skin 4: CHF 400.-

Skin 5: CHF 500.-

Skin 6: CHF 600.-

Total: CHF 2‘100.-

If the skin in the 6th end can not be taken by a team a draw to the button will decide.


The tournament is played according to the rules of the Swiss Curling Association (SCA). If necessary, the supervisor of the games will take ruling decisions.

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