Women's Masters Basel 2020

The 15th Women's Masters Basel will take place from 18th - 20th September 2020.



LAST UPDATE: Right now we are giving our best effort to make the tournament take place - as good as the actual situation allows. The draw is in the making and will be published as soon as possible 😊💪📣 Please notice that the health of the players has highest priority - therefore we don't allow any spectators in the rink and the curling restaurant will be closed for the public. But of course you can follow the games on YouTube and cheer from the distance. Thanks for your comprehension 🥳💐



Live Stream

Sponsors 2020

Donators 2020

> ALTIUS Swiss Sportmed Center

> Bader Greti

> Butz Hanspeter

> Coop Basel

> Engriser Rolf

> Eptinger Mineralquelle

> Garage Keigel

> Holle AG

> Jakob's Basler Leckerly

> Konditorei Buchmann

> Kuhn Design AG

> PeakCurl

> SimiFit

> Wiederkehr Fritz